MONARCH is the most economical ballistic package offered by Second Chance brand. Its hybrid engineered ballistic package offers excellent fragmentation defense and blunt trauma reduction without concession in comfort.


PRISM is available in Spike and Multi-Threat by providing stab protection against circular penetrators for the corrections market. It has a high degree of protection against correctional threats. Multi-Threat model offers ballistic protection as well.


SUMMIT is truly the pinnacle in body armor by offering softness and flexibility that doesn't compromise performance.


Summit Female is in a class of its own. State-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced exclusive materials in a female structured design. It is also available in unstructured design. Both options are made to fit the needs of today's female officer.


Summit ST came from the desire to build an all DuPont Kevlar package to create one of the thinnest, most flexible, and comfortable vests available.

All vests exceed NIJ testing protocols - the "standard" rounds and test velocities for each threat level as determined by NIJ. Second Chance tests for a number of rounds that are more difficult to defeat than those in the NIJ standards. Those rounds (or "special threats") are put through independent third-party testing in conditions that mirror NIJ protocols. The goal is to provide the Agency with data to help determine if a model meets its requirements for street rounds in your geographic area.